H2O is short for Haja to Ocean. Put succinctly, H2O performs machine learning with Haja Networks' flagship OrbitDB and Ocean Protocol's data markets.

H2O is the first app to run in the convergence stack, building on top of multiple software frameworks that underpin the Convergence Ecosystem. It is a demonstration of machine learning in Web3, allowing users to run a clustering algorithm on data stored in OrbitDB and publish the resulting AI datasets to the Ocean Protocol blockchain.

H2O makes use of various technologies, including Python, Node and Angular. The app runs the Ocean Protocol Trilobite release code and the latest version of OrbitDB.

H2O is able to generate useful preprocessed datasets for AI and use them to seed Ocean Protocol’s global data market, all on a decentralised storage solution made possible by Haja Networks. Though it is largely demonstrative for now, H2O is the first step toward apps in the convergence ecosystem.